Landscapes Photography

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer, and often the supreme disappointment.” – Ansel Adams.

Landscapes pictures help us to remember the time we spent there. The best way to be up to date with my photos is to visit my blog. You can visit the "Landscapes" section, where you can find some photos and the history behind them, notes about technique, tips, etc.

In Flickr, my gallery "Landscapes" also contains some of these pictures.

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Night Photography

Tripod, long exposures, the moon, stars, light effects... night photography is as hard as funny discipline.

You can find some of my pictures of this category in Flickr, visiting my gallery "Night's Knights", or in my blog, in the section "Night".

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Macro Photography

It was my favourite field in photography some time ago. Patience and persistence for following a restless insect, or an angry spider.

A lot of this kind of photographs are shown in my wildlife blog "La Ventana Salvaje" (in Spanish), tagged as "insects", "arachnids", or "Tamron 90mm Macro f/2.8 SP Di VC USD" (due to my main lens for macro).

In my general photography blog also exists a tag called "Macro" for all posts about this topic, where I write about technique, gear and I show my results.

In Flickr you also can visit the gallery "Macrophotography" with a sample of my collection in this category.

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Wildlife photography is a hard discipline. It requires knowledge, preparation, patient and fast reactions. You must study and respect your photography model, being conscious about it takes part in a whole complex system.

My pictures about wildlife (including macro-photography) are shown in my blog "La Ventana Salvaje" ("The Wild Window", written in Spanish).

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Urbex Photography

"Urban exploration", or "urbex", is the photography of the old buildings and abandoned places.

I've always loved the beauty of the decay. Graffiti, broken walls and fallen roofs that you can find in the category "Urbex/Rurex" in my blog or in the homonymous gallery on Flickr.

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People, Fashion & Events

People is wonderful! Please, feel free to visit the section "People" in my blog and my album "Portrait" in Flickr.

I also take pictures in some events. My favourites are the medieval fairs.

I'm interested in local TFCD sessions, where I've met very nice people. You can visit my profile in "No Solo Top" about it. If you are interested in a TFCD session with me, you can email me at

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Mobile & Film

The most part of my photography work is made with a reflex camera, but I've used other interesting devices.

Mobile photography is a common option today. Our mobile device is always with us, so It always is near when the opportunity appears. You can view some of my work about it in "Garbage from my Mobile".

I've worked with film cameras too (visit Gear). In the section "Film" of my blog you can find more about this.

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Mobile & Fashion